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DHT Orignal Punisher Hail Mary Jigs (3 Pack)

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The Punisher Lures Hail Mary is one of the and most versatile bait in the DHT line up.  Designed to be fished many different ways, you can rig it in almost an infinite number of combinations. Each head is equipped with a split ring that can accommodate any size or style of hook, providing an endless list of soft plastic choices. The Hail Mary can even be complimented with a skirt for an even livelier look. Another great feature of the Hail Mary is that it allows the hook to move freely, making it more difficult for the fish to throw the bait, resulting in less lost fish. Jig it, Carolina Rig it, pitch it, drag it over deep humps, the possibilities are endless with the Punisher Lures Hail Mary!

Note:  The pictures show different rigging variations for the Hail Mary. Plastics and Skirts are not included