Dale Hollow Tackle

Joe Jones Signature Baits

Throughout the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee, Joe Jones is recognized as the finest maker of hand made lures and baits.  Crafted one piece at a time, Joe's baits are as beautiful as well as functional.  Anglers throughout the region swear by the baits effectiveness in hooking the small and large mouth bass that populate the area's many lakes and, we at Dale hollow Tackle and Punisher Lures are proud to offer these outstanding works of craftsmanship to anglers across the nation. 

  • No two baits alike.
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Cranks have Gamakatze hooks and weigh approximately 3/8 oz.
  • Cranks swim and look like a minnow.
  • Cranks are flat sided and have a medium wobble. 
  • Buzz baits have Gamakatze hook and weighs approximately 12 oz.
  • Buzz baits are great for top water action and trigger ferocious top water strikes by making a buzzing sound that fish can't resist.
  • Buzz baits float and are great for stop and go retrieval, and fish can't refuse the skirt flare of this lure.

Stock is limited due to being handcrafted.  Please allow 30 days for delivery.


Dale Hollow Tackle - Exclusive manufacturer of PUNISHER LURES created by "The Smallmouth Guru". Punisher Lures are MADE IN THE USA - By Fishermen for Fishermen on Dale Hollow Lake, Celina, Tennessee.


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