DHT Shaky Head Jig (4 Pack)
Punisher Hogsticker Shaky Head - Dale Hollow Tackle

DHT Shaky Head Jig (4 Pack)

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Just about everyone has a shaky head these days, but we believe that we’ve made it better than ever.  We use a 4/0 hook for the 1/8 & 3/16 and a 5/0 for the 1/4 & 3/8.  This keeps the hook as far back on the bait as possible, allowing for better hook-ups and fewer short–strikes. The other thing that sets ours apart is the head design.  Based loosely on the original Punisher design,  it is modified with a flat spot on the front of the head. When you tighten your line to start shaking it will cause the jig to stand straight up for better presentation